Leadership Secrets of Attila the Hun

Self Leadership Qualities

As we gather in this counsel, I, Attila, have prepared my innermost thoughts regarding self leadership qualities. These thoughts I give you so you might be better prepared to lead yourself. Know this:

  • There is no quick way to develop self leaders.
  • Self Leaders must learn throughout their lives – never ceasing as students, never being above gaining new insights or studying innovative procedures or methods – whatever the source.
  • Self Leaders must learn certain basic qualities and have opportunities to mature in them, which through experience become mastered skills…

17 Self Leadership Qualities taught by Attila the Hun

#1 - Loyalty

  • Above all things a Self Leader must be loyal
  • Disagreement is not necessarily disloyal
  • A Self Leader who in the best interest of the tribe, disagrees, should be listened to.
  • A Self Leader who actively participates in actions counter to the good of the tribe is disloyal
  • In cases where disloyal actions and attitudes cannot be changed, harsh action must taken to rid ourselves of those among us who see no value in and subvert our cause.

#2 - Courage

  • Be fearless and have the fortitude to carry out your assignments
  • Accept the risks of self leadership
  • Do not balk at the sight obstacles, or become bewildered when in the presence of adversity
  • Have the courage to act with confidence and excel in times of uncertainty or danger as well as in times of prosperity

#3 - Desire

  • A strong personal desire – an inherent commitment to:
  • Influencing people
  • Influencing processes
  • Influencing outcomes

#4 - Emotional Stamina

  • Self Leaders at every level ensure:
  • They have the stamina to recover rapidly from disappointment
  • They bounce back from discouragement
  • They carry out their responsibilities without distortion
  • They never loose clear perspective
  • They have the emotional strength to persist in the face of seemingly difficult circumstances

#5 - Physical Stamina

  • A healthy body supports a healthy mind
  • A body not properly used becomes abused
  • You must endure the physical demands of your aspirations

#6 - Empathy

  • Self Leaders must develop empathy
  • Appreciation for and understanding of the values of others
  • Sensitivity for other cultures, traditions
  • Empathy must not be confused with sympathy, which may result in unwise consolation in times when the good of the tribe must be pursued with battlefield action.

#7 - Decisiveness

  • Be decisive
  • Learn when to act and when not to act
  • Take into account the facts bearing on the situation-then act
  • Vacillation confuses and discourages action

#8 - Anticipation

  • Anticipation bears a level of risk that is willingly accepted by a Self Leader who will excel while others turn to the comfort of personal security.
  • Learn by observation and through instincts sharpened by experience.

You must anticipate:

  • Thoughts
  • Actions
  • Consequences

#9 - Timing

  • There is no magic formula for developing a sense of timing
  • Gain this skill by applying the lessons learned from your failures

#10 - Competitiveness

  • An essential quality of Self Leadership is the desire to win
  • It is not important to win all the time; however, it is important to win the important contests
  • Competitive anger drives those who win on the battlefield and in negotiations
  • Without a sense of competitiveness there is weakness that is overcome by the slightest challenge

#11 - Self Confidence

  • Proper training and experience develops a personal feeling of assurance with which to meet the inherent challenges

#12 - Accountability

  • Learning to account for personal actions is fundamental
  • Self Leaders never heap praise, or lay blame on others for what they themselves accomplish, no matter how glorious of grave the consequences

#13 - Responsibility

  • Self Leaders are only necessary when someone is to be responsible to see that actions are carried out and directions followed

#14 - Credibility

  • Your words and actions must be believed by both friend and foe
  • You must be trusted to have integrity
  • Self Leaders lacking credibility will not gain proper influence

#15 - Tenacity

  • The quality of unyielding drive to accomplish
  • The weak persist only when things go their way
  • The strong persist and pursue through discouragement, deception and even personal abandonment

#16 - Dependability

  • A Self Leader can be depended upon to carry out responsibilities in all conditions and situations
  • Your Leaders cannot observe your every action, do what is right and get things done

#17 - Stewardship

  • As Caretakers you are responsible for the well- being of those you serve and the purposes you serve

The Character of the Self Leader: 

A Self Leader does not have to be brilliant to be successful, but must have a hunger for victory, absolute belief in his cause and an invincible courage that enables him to resist those who would otherwise discourage him


  • Know their own behavior well
  • Have a vision for self and others
  • Recognize and engage others strengths
  • Relentlessly are focusing assets to grow people